Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most common and dependable medical therapies in the world. It is by nature simple, safe, and effective. Problematic areas of the body are treated to help re-balance the internal environment, re-establish homeostasis, and thus treat pain and disease.


     According to traditional theories acupuncture influences the vital force, or Qi, of the body.  Western science has proven that acupuncture can regulate the body by many mechanisms, including stimulating the endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems.

     At ETHOS ACUPUNCTURE P.C. licensed acupuncturists, develop a customized approach aimed at optimizing your body’s natural capabilities. By evaluating your health history and discussing your health concerns, our Chinese medicine practitioners will tailor a personalized Treatment.


Chinese herbal medicine is a major aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, which focuses on restoring a balance of energy, body, and spirit to maintain health rather and treat a particular disease or medical condition.

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